Conversations for a brighter future

Political polarization is a dire problem in American high schools today. Crossing the Divide is a national high school club facilitating the conversations we desperately need.

Students debating a political topic
The Problem

Politics in America are tribal — and no one's listening.


of Americans say political conversations with whom they disagree is “stressful and frustrating”


of Americans say there are conflicts between people with different ethnic or racial backgrounds


of Americans say voters cannot agree on basic facts


of Americans say there are conflicts between people who support different political parties
Our Mission

Open-minded discussions and understanding

We give students the tools and structure they need to explore controversial topics from different perspectives.

Topic briefs showing both sides of an issue

Our Method is Simple

Volunteer to be a chapter leader and get featured on our website.

  • Receive templates for emails you will send to your friends (and school administrators if appropriate) to get started

  • Access the vast array of our topic briefs

  • Quickly learn our method for running your club and moderating discussions

Our Value

Vast toolbox for productive conversations

We provide concise topic briefs (both for and against) that anyone can understand in two minutes or less, to engender intellectual, confident discussions.


Unique topic briefs


Discussion questions
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Our Success

Exceptional growth

CTD is now a national organization that has impacted dozens of schools and communities across the United States. Our model works because it’s effective and easily implemented.

200+conversationschapters20+12 statesmembers500+
Join Us

Be the voice of the future

Start a CTD chapter at your school, formally or informally, and stake your claim in a new era of mutual understanding.

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